Remember Serhiy, Maxim and Anastasia 
Exhibition at Neck of the Woods in Rotterdam, February 2023

Coloured and edible sugar carpet (war rug), trigger burnt into the wall

At noon on March 4, 2022, an car drove through the streets of Bucha, formerly a cozy green town near Kyiv, now a hotspot of Russia’s war against Ukraine. Three people were in the car: Serhiy Ustymenko (25), Maxym Kuzmenko (28) and Anastasia Yalanska (26).

They had just delivered dog food to a dog shelter that had run out of it and were on their way back to pick up Ustymenko’s parents. They had nearly made it home. As the car was approaching their house, there was a deafening sound. A Russian army vehicle opened fire on the car.

When the shooting stopped, Valeriy Ustymenko, the father of Serhiy, ran to the car. Everyone inside was already dead.

Source: Anna Myroniuk, The Kyiv Independent

Writing on the wall