Remember Polina, Semjon, Anton and Svetlana
Het Archief #23, Rotterdam, April 2023

Coloured and edible sugar carpet, AK-47 bullet shells of baked clay, cold glaze and gunpowder, footprint of a Russian combat boot

On February 28, 2022, fleeing the war in Ukraine, Polina (10, pink-haired, Harry Potter-mad), her brother Semjon (5), her father Anton and mother Svetlana, died in a hail of bullets as Russian soldiers opened fire on their family car.

The Russian soldier fired his Kalashnikov. Six hundred rounds a minute. Impossible fast. Three seconds. 30 rounds gone. A whole mag.
No chance at all.

Polina was the first child victim of the war in Ukraine to be identified.

Source: Kyiv Post, Daily Mail, Metro UK and more
Photos: Facebook / east2west news